A Decade of Lateral Love Nicola Butler talks to Marc Tong on SBS Living Black Radio

Nicola Butler talks to Marc Tong SBS

Tackling lateral violence in communities in Australia and abroad.

28th September, 2012 By Marc Tong SBS Living Black

Lateral violence is an issue faced by many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, preventing them from self-determination and progress.

It is a phenomenon that sees communities, families and loved ones turn against each other as a result of colonisation and oppression.

Lateral violence is not just occuring in Australia, other past colonised countries around the world are also experiencing lateral violence in their communities.

So how do we address this widespread phenomenon?

Eastern Aranda woman Nicola Butler along with nationally and internationally respected Elder Uncle Brian Butler have come up with a campaign aimed at achieving the opposite of lateral violence.

It’s called “The Decade of Lateral Love around the World 2012 – 2022”.

Nicola says the campaign will use online platforms such as Facebook and the campaign’s website to spread lateral love in Australia and abroad.


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