Powerful insight into lateral violence – Richard Frankland

APRIL 13, 2012 4:37am

Powerful insight into lateral violence

Acclaimed Aboriginal filmmaker, musician and rights advocate Richard Frankland was in Seymour last week.

By Chalpat Sonti

Lateral violence is a disturbing subject. But insights on how to deal with it were shared by acclaimed Aboriginal filmmaker, musician and rights advocate Richard Frankland in Seymour last week.

He presented a workshop at Seymour Health, part of the Closing the Gap Lower Hume Project.

It was a powerful presentation and Mr Frankland describes the concept best.

‘‘Lateral violence is when you’re on the bottom rung of the ladder in society and the rage and anger is too unsafe to put on the people who put you there,’’ he said.

‘‘So you put it on the people closest to you.’’

The workshop gave participants an awareness of the topic.

‘‘It opens up doorways for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities to work their own way through it so they become part of the solution.

‘‘As much as we believe all rural areas are the same, they’re incredibly different. Portland is different to Seymour and Robinvale is different to Shepparton.’’

Mr Frankland was impressed with the participants at the Seymour workshop.

‘‘They (were) a really broad cross-section, and it (was) a very intimate crowd and they were able to feel safe in asking questions and coming up with solutions.’’

Among Mr Frankland’s presentation was his espousal of the Kooreen Principles — listen, learn, respect, integrity, honour, compassion and courage.


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