CANADA Kweykway – Building Stronger, More Connected First Nations Communities

Lateral Violence is a symptom of something deeper. If we address only the behaviors we are unable to get to the root of the problem and our conflicts will persist. Although workshops can be effective in the short term the discussions can remain fairly superficial and the results usually are short lived. Our process is in-depth and focusses on revealing and addressing root causes. We provide participants with a safe place in which to explore Lateral Violence from a different perspective.

Relationship is intuitive and when we know where we stand in relationship to those around us and are aware of the underlying dynamics we are empowered to make better choices. Tackling the issues that exist in our communities takes a great amount of courage but the answer lies in opening our hearts once more to each other. Change is only possible when we realize that what we are doing is not working and we allow ourselves to feel the disappointment without becoming hardended to one another. No specific tool or direction can help us. We must become the answer to our own challenges.

Kweykway – Building Stronger, More Connected First Nations Communities

Kweykway is a grassroots First Nations service specializing in a full array of restorative processes that support organizational and community development. We are dedicated to building capacity in the areas of employee and community engagement, influencing change, creating strong collaborative relationships, minimizing the negative affects of conflict, transforming lateral violence and improving overall communication while restoring a sense of trust, balance, and well being.

Our Services Include:
•Custom Workshop Development
•Meeting Facilitation
•Team Building
•Conflict Resolution
•Organization and Community Development Consulting
•Coaching and Mentoring
•Governance & Leadership Training
•Keynote Presentations
•Medicine Skills

A note from Denise…

The world today is moving at an unprecedented pace. The demands being placed on all of us to change and adapt are incredible. Slowing down to pay attention to the way we are relating to each other can be challenging, yet it is of vital importance that those of us who work and live in the organizations and communities that serve the future generations are able to collaborate effectively. We are at a turning point in history and are being asked to integrate old and new ways of being. Unless we become more intentional, slowing down to focus on the way we communicate and work together the very thing that sustains our organizations and communities’ falls by the wayside. Our relationships. When this happens we become ineffective at creating the necessary changes that will create a future that is not just economically but socially sustainable. Without awareness and the ability to communicate and work together collaboratively we run the risk of getting caught in endless cycles of conflict with each other.

Wherever we have culturally diverse groups of people there exists conflict and… immense potential and possibility. We simply need to be able to communicate more effectively, honestly and transparently.

“In true dialogue, both sides are willing to change.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
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