What is Lateral Love?


Lateral Love is a simple truth, that all of us deserve compassion and kind treatment, not our hate, not violence or aggression, is going to break through the years, decades and centuries of lateral violence, hurt, pain and anguish.
Behaving in a manner that is in alignment with Love will be out of the norm for those around you to witness. But it’s being on the high road, walking your path with dignity and pride in who you are and what you do. There will never be a place for violence. There will never be a place for hate – if we want to grow and evolve as a society, a people, this human race.
In relation to the Individual:
Lateral Love is showing love for all those around you, in every form, with every issue, problem or flaw. Love for the soul underneath the coping mechanisms, love for the real person shrouded in fear. Those behaviours that are acting out and driving people away to try and keep themselves safe.
Some of the most primal needs all humans share are – love, belonging and safety. When these are threatened, even the most rational of people will act out as if backed into a corner.
Lateral Love starts with YOU.
No one else is ever going to do for you, what you need to do for yourself.
Loving yourself starts within. It’s not easy if you’ve never had that experience before, but it will break down any walls, quicker than any course, talk or experience that you could try and pay for, to do it for you.
How you treat yourself – with food, exercise, nurturing, space and peace of mind will be reflected in how you treat others. Coming from a place of self love, all people are more compassionate and understanding, accepting and allowing of people’s processes to grow through this sacred life experience.
The biggest breakthroughs in our society will never start outside ourselves – when the ever present “THEY” change…
As Gandhi said – Be the change you wish to see in the world.
In relation to the family
After our own commitment to self love, we can then nurture and help our young families start to treat each other with kindness and compassion, from a space of being the example.
Children are amazing sponges of emotions and beliefs, and when we all believe that we are worthy, loved and safe to be ourselves completely, they will pick it up without effort. We will be leading by example and will be changing the future of our world through our children.
Our elders hold the keys to our past, our children the keys to our future – but WE are the key to changing the Present, forever.
In relation to work
What we do to pay for our lifestyles, or as our passion in life will of course be dramatically affected by how we treat ourselves and how we see others. The lack of competition because there is no lack of meaning, status or comparison, will lead to most of the violent behaviours fizzling out, because they are not being met with – firstly an expected behaviour and secondly the energy and intention to be challenged or competed with. Being met with flowing energy and grace are some of the greatest ways to disrupt deeply ingrained behaviours.
The over arching thing to remember is that something that goes against human nature will have a thousand ways to manifest itself and will fight to survive, where love will not need my explanation nor example as it is self evident and humbling. There are not 50 different indicators of lateral love – there is but the feeling and the freedom to be who you are, always and in ALL WAYS.