In the Media – Aboriginal boy lived in 27 foster homes

Our children continue to be subjected to Removal Policies and Assimilation techniques, when will the Australian Government stop destroying our children’s hopes and potential and start listening to the Elders recommendations that have been handed to them in good faith for so many years. Our babies need us to make a change NOW so that the next generations do not continue to be sucked into this destructive cataclysm – Lateral Love Australia

Posted on Fri Apr 5, 2013 8:13am AEDT  ABC News

The Aboriginal Legal Service says it is shocked that an 11 year old Aboriginal boy from Broken Hill has had 27 foster homes.

The number of placements was revealed in the Wagga Children’s Court yesterday when the boy appeared for breaching bail on charges of destroying property and assault.

His lawyer asked the court to take into account the boys’ family background involving domestic violence, alcohol abuse and the recent death of his brother.

Chief Legal Officer of the ALS John McKenzie says the number of Indigenous children in care is particularly high in regional areas.

“That’s an unbelievably tragically high number of movements,” he said.

“From my point of view what it signifies is it’s very likely that there is not contact being kept with his family whether it’s his immediate family or his broader kinship group.”


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  1. “When” is a question this government will never answer; one could be forgiven for thinking the current policy is to wipe out Aboriginal culture in Australia and erase all memory of its existence. Action speaks louder than words.

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