In the Media Archives – Aboriginal Mother Suicide linked to pressure by DoCS Tweed Heads

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Saturday, 01 December 2012 06:48

The death of a young mother with a three year old child has been related to the pressure put on her to appease staff at the head office of the Department of Community Services in Tweed Heads NSW.

The Ballina mother was forced to “jump through hoops” time after time in order to accomplish tasks required of her to obtain custody of her child back, but no matter how many hoops she did jump through, Community Services staff continued to come up with more hoops.

It is believed that the mother left a violent relationship in which the department intervened and instead of providing the mother with support and assistance, which they continue to portray they do, they removed her child and placed him/her with the white paternal grandparents. This automatically caused the young child to be alienated from his aboriginal maternal family, with whom he has great many ties in and around the Tweed Heads / Ballina area.

The maternal grandparents are fighting to have the child returned to their care so they can ensure his heritage is not forgotten, though the department do not seem to think this is particularly important at this stage.

Alecomm believes that this is a massive sign that Department staff must be forced to keep in mind their responsibility for mental health of their clients when placing so much pressure on them to fulfil the necessary requirements to enable reunification of children with their mothers.

It is also about time that the minister investigate this office, as Alecomm staff continue to be contacted every other day with complaints about Tweed Heads Department of Human Services (formerly Community Services) with whom John Treddinick has been the manager for a long time now. If the death of a client, due to intolerable pressure isn’t enough to warrant an investigation of this office, well what is!


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