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Remote communities’ land in NT could be open to privatization

Monday, 18 March 2013

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A new policy proposal in the Northern Territory could see Remote communities’ lands further opened up to private ownership. Many of remote communities have a communal model of ownership, but the new Policy Homeland Extra aims to smooth the way for land to be privately owned.
Alison Anderson, NT Minister for Regional Development and Aboriginal Advancement says remote community members should be able to own their land and take out mortgages. While some believe the policy will improve the living conditions, it could also change the kin-based structure of the communities. And private ownership may also radically change the communal lifestyle, some experts argue.
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Professor Jon Altman, Australian National University
Mark Hughes, The Centre for Independent Studies


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  1. What nonsense. Purhasing a house in a remote community would have to be the worst invesment I could think of. No one would want to buy it off you, it would be grossly overpriced and all future repairs would have to be carried out by the owner. Ms Anderson does not understand the people she represents. If a First Australian chooses to assimilate then he is able to buy a house in Alice Springs where it will go up in value and be saleable.

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