Lateral Love Australia Communiqué 001

I cannot believe this world we live in, I have sent detailed information about Lateral Violence to people right from the streets through to Local Government Associations, State Government Services, Federal Government Services, Parliamentary Ministers at all levels of Government, Church Ministries Nationally, University Fraternities and some people are STILL choosing not to hear what I am saying. They do not know or want to know what Lateral Violence is doing to our societies!

It is killing our people on a daily basis. I am pulling my hair out!

It has been totally urgent to launch the ‘Decade of Lateral Love 2012 – 2022’ Campaign, a Campaign that carries on the legacy of the late Jimmy Little, who spread Lateral Love throughout the world.

People still do not know what LATERAL LOVE is!

To anybody who does not understand what I am talking about I say this…Lateral Love is loving yourself, loving your fellow men and women, love for the land, love for the spirit of life, love for nature, love for sacred sites and sacred places, love for our food and love for our children and them knowing about all of these important aspect of life.

Fellow Face Bookers and Lateral Love Australia Network subscribers we have work to do, let us all start in our own ways by yelling from the highest mountain tops just how serious we all are in crushing Lateral Violence and Racism. We must all declare ‘Zero Tolerance to Lateral Violence and Racism’ and put every effort and energy into spreading Lateral Love throughout the world.

Brian Butler

14 June 2012


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