Letters Patent Protest, South Australia

Published on Mar  4, 2013

South Australian Aboriginal Descendants on the steps of Parliament in Adelaide, 19th Feb 2013, Protesting for recognition of their rights in the “Letters Patent”.

In 1836 King William IV and the British Parliament enshrined into law the “Letters Patent”, the founding document that established the state of South Australia.

The “Letters Patent”: Ordered by King William IV in 1836 and Sealed and Enshrined in law for always – included a specific guarantee to protect and legally secure land rights for all of South Australia’s Aboriginal people and Descendants – giving Aboriginal people the right to occupy and enjoy their land for always. This legal right, still enshrined in law today, has been denied since 1836.

This video was produced by MAV Media for South Australian Aboriginal Descendants.

This event was filmed by Quenten Agius, Stephen Goldsmith and Kim Mavromatis for a documentary being produced about the Letters Patent – to be completed in 2013.

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