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“Aboriginal people will not benefit from any vast injection of funds. History tells us that a lot of Aboriginal monies have gone into communities at the hands of non-Aboriginal administration and that this money has not been to the benefit of the Aboriginal people. Exercises such as this one only succeed in further feathering the nests of trades people and other non-Aboriginal peoples benefiting from the Aboriginal Industry. The only way to benefit Aboriginal people is for the monies go to the Aboriginal communities to be controlled by the Aboriginal communities, allowing the development of programs and projects under the self-determination principles to improve not only housing and transitional services but all services, not by being determined by do-gooder non-Aboriginal people or unscrupulous charlatans that have continued to ripped off Aboriginal peoples since colonisation.” ~ William Brian Butler – Director, Campaign against Lateral Violence


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  1. Unfortunately these words ring true no matter what country on earth you’re on. This quote addresses quite accurately some of the aspects that Idle No More is fighting against here in Canada.

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