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“Racial stereotypes and exclusionary ways of thinking often occur unconsciously and without reflection by the people doing the discriminating. Racist and ethnocentric behaviour is not always the deliberate act of extremists. More times than not, it is the action of ordinary human beings, who simultaneously believe they personally despise all acts of discrimination whilst following the habits, norms and systems that perpetuate and support a collective national consciousness.” ~ Brian Butler & Nicola Butler 2012


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  1. Reblogged this on ifieverstoploving and commented:
    The above quote shows that we as people need to be aware of our own actions and how we oppress others in our own lives and be aware of the acts that do the same to us. Use your voice, vocalize that it must stop somewhere and that somewhere is here. Now.

  2. I think the human mind generalizes as part of how it assimilates experience into knowledge. We always need to be aware that any single event can always depart from what we have seen in the past.

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