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“Assimilation has always been a one way street to the detriment of all colonised nations and we see a big difference between ‘mainstreaming’ and ‘professionalising through an Aboriginal Terms of Reference’, let’s reclaim the later as ‘Aboriginalising’. Unfortunately what we are accustomed to seeing rolled out across our communities through programs and services is ‘mainstreaming’, non-Aboriginal models of practice, views and perspectives based on the ‘other’.

Mainstreaming policies and guidelines are being enacted not only by non-Aboriginal people, but also by some of our own people who have been misled into thinking that the western way is the only way. What we need to see more of, is the development of our own programs and services, designed and implemented to a professional standard, because we all deserve that, whilst adhering to an Aboriginal Terms of Reference (ATR) meaning by our own people, for our own people, for the right reasons.

It is high time we started seeing non-Aboriginal programs and services being built upon, and based around, First Nations’ morals and ethics. Let’s turn things upside down, turn that one way street into a multilane highway and ‘Aboriginalise’ mainstream programs and services, we would then see the benefits positively impact on all of Humanity.”

Brian Butler & Nicola Butler

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