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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I noticed one of your tags said ‘Love’. It is LOVE that is the answer to man’s happiness and sense of security in his relationships with others. But love cannot be learned or experienced without
    knowing GOD who is LOVE. The guidelines for living in harmony and peace in one’s own immediate or extended family, in one’s community, society, country, and in the world, are found in the Bible. Love God, love one another- the widows, fatherless, stranger; honor your father and your mother, your elders, all in authority, etc. are necessary teachings for every group of people in order to live peaceably in this world.

    Immigrants, by the way, also have similar problems as aboriginal natives, in every country. Again I say, the answers we’re looking for cannot come from ourselves, but from a higher power outside of us, yet within our reach, through seeking God’s wisdom, through prayer.

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