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The Stringer went live on February 19 and with a formal launch February 25 at The Media at the Crossroads Conference at NSW Parliament’s Theatrette.

Independent news media contribute to the unfolding landscape of human rights and social justice. It is our aim to provide every opportunity to the rise of voices that far too often are denied. If we believe in a story we will sustain coverage– this is what we term through-care journalism.

We look forward to working as hard as we can to bring to you the stories that matter. The response and feedback thus far to The Stringer has been encouraging.

The main aim of The Stringer is to be considered a credible source of information that readers can turn to with trust. The Stringer’s journalists have become known for breaking stories that others initially were not prepared to investigate and report.

The Stringer also aims to be considered a Think Tank on unfolding the human rights language.

The Stringer’s journalists and contributing writers are experts in their fields.

We welcome everyone.

Kind Regards from The Stringer editors – Gerry Georgatos and Jennifer Kaeshagen.
0430 657 309


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