Warriors Against Violence Society

Jennifer first left her abusive partner when her daughter was 7 months old. Since joining the Warriors Against Violence program (WAVS) Jennifer has gained the skills and confidence to move on with her life and to help her children do the same. WAVS is a program that works towards ending family violence in the Aboriginal community by seeking the roots of abuse through sharing, teaching and the support of positive Aboriginal role models, in order to bring about healing.

The Warriors Against Violence Society is committed to helping First Nations families unlearn abusive and violent behaviors and reclaim their traditional values of equality, honor and respect for themselves and others. WAV began as a program for assaultive aboriginal men. Today, there are services for men, women, families and youth. Adult groups meet twice weekly at Kiwassa Neighbourhood House 2425 Oxford Street, Vancouver.

We believe there is a need to restore the traditional Aboriginal values of honour, respect and equality. The Circle of Life includes elders, lifegivers, men, and youth. All have a right to live in non-violent families and communities.



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